glamattire/ tips to get ready faster in the morning


Late nights, early mornings and then getting ready to look on point every single day. Girls… I know the struggle! While we all
dream of waking up every morning looking just perfect with natural makeup and soft sunlight falling across our faces like they
do in movies, the reality is just opposite. If snoozing your alarms to a point where there is just enough time left to look
presentable enough and not be late, is the kind of morning that you experience, then I have some tips and hacks to save time in
the morning so that you can get ready faster and look like a 10 every single day.


glamattire/ tips to get ready faster in the morning

1. Prepare your outfit the night before

This tip is what our parents used to teach us when we used to go to school and most of us have forgotten. But trust me this will
save you a lot of your precious time in the morning, cuz nothing will slow you down more than trying to decide what to wear
when you’re already panicing in your mind. This will also help you to look at the choices you have and try outfits that you’ve
never tried before.

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2. Multitasking will save your life

Multitasking here and there with small things like preparing morning coffee while brushing your teeth, listening to news/traffic
reports while straightening your hair will help you save time. Also using multitasking products like a shampoo that works as a
conditioner, lip tints that you can use on your eyes and cheeks will cut down time that you spend while searching for different
products and applying them separately.



3. Keep all the things that you need at the same place when you walk out the door

Keep the important things which you need everyday like your bag, keys, wallet etc. at the same place every evening when you
come back, so that you don’t have to waste time searching for them in different places the next morning.

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4. Breakfast on the go

Prepare your breakfast in a way so that there’s no problem to take it on the go without wasting much time. The best way to do it
is by doing meal prep in small containers the night before, so that instead of spending time on cooking, you just have to heat it
in the morning and easily take it with you.


glamattire/ tips to get ready faster in the morning


5. Manage your time like a boss

Managing your time minute by minute and following the tips mentioned above will help you get enough time in your hands to
invest in your look every morning and look more put together. It will also help you to do any other extra work without worrying
about the limited time you have.

In the end by following these tips and hacks, you’ll be able to achieve hassle free mornings while looking perfect each day. I
truly hope that this post helps you in someway and then my job is done. If you guys have any other tips and tricks of your own
then feel free to mention them in the comment section. I would love to read them. Stay tuned for more useful posts like this cuz
now I’m gonna be posting every week. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @tanviglamattire for more updates and I am the
most active there.

Until next time
glam your way…


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