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A very Happy International Women’s Day to each and everyone of you. It’s a day to celebrate womanhood and realize the power that women hold in life. We as women sometimes get depressed due to the countless hustles we go through every day, that we start looking towards our flaws, thinking ‘Maybe I’m not that good at being a professional or a mother or a girlfriend and many more’. But what we forget is the fact that being a woman is in itself is a great achievement that we got as a God’s gift. Have you ever wondered why there is no Man’s Day. It’s because being a woman is being special, and only special people have an international day. So smile ladies, you are special and it’s your day!!

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Glamattire/women's day


Having said that, being a woman comes with a lot of responsibilities and we somehow have this inherent quality of handling multiple things at a time…and we don’t even realize it. But one very important responsibility that we forget about most of the time is empowering and supporting each other. And this is the need of today.

You must have heard that the person who is tolerating injustice is equally responsible as the person doing injustice. In my opinion the only weakness that women have, is when they keep silent about the evil. Some women bury it so deep in themselves that there is no sign of it appearing on the surface. Why? The reason is fear…fear of loosing something or someone in their lives. But being silent is certainly not a solution! In-fact it’s the opposite. It will rise up a thousand fold in the future.


Glamattire/women's day


So how can we prevent this from happening again and again. Trust me, the only way is women supporting other women and making them realize that ‘you are not alone’. This way, we can help them gather the courage required to speak up and fight against injustice. Movements like ‘Me Too’ spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace is a successful example of women supporting each other to fight against injustice.

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Glamattire/women's day


No matter what country,religion or caste you belong to it’s our duty to stand with every other woman in need, appreciate and empower them and spread some #GirlLove. And the change is bound to happen.

So this was one of my ways of empowering women. What’s your take on it? Tell me in the comments below. And get ready for more exciting Lifestyle and Fashion posts coming your way. Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @tanvi.glamattire.

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